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Outdoor Apparel and Gear

If you enjoy the outdoors, you are going to love shopping our site. Bring us along on your hiking or backpacking adventure by purchasing your clothing and gear here. We have the best hiking shoe for any type of terrain and the best hiking boot when things get tough. Since your backpacking journey will last several days, select one of our light backpacking tents, like those from Big Agnes.

No matter where your adventure takes you, staying hydrated is important, so load up on enough light hydration packs for the group. Hiking clothes appropriate for warm days or chilly high altitudes can be found here. This includes the base layers, headwear, and handwear you need to stay warm in the coldest climates. When your travels take you away from home overnight, our sleeping bags will keep you snug while you slumber.

Hiking Shoes

Serious hikers want only the best hiking shoe on each of their feet. We recommend the Columbia Shastalavista because it is designed for the demanding outdoor lifestyle. It pairs stability with lightweight performance and is perfect for all-weather wear. Whether hiking through a difficult trail or exploring one of our national forests, you will maintain your footing. Of course, this is just one of the many hiking shoes available here.

Hiking Boots

Sometimes, a shoe will not do. The weather or terrain may call for a boot suitable for hiking purposes. The Salomon Bamboo is considered by many to be the best hiking boot on the market. It is waterproof and features a lightweight design perfect for a one or two-day hike. Waterproofing comes courtesy of the Gore-Tex gasket, which also permits heat and moisture to escape. Uneven ground is no match for this and other hiking boots that feature excellent traction and motion stability.


The Columbia Shastalavista comes in several color combinations and different styles, including a mid-length boot. Men or women will find the Salomon Bamboo hiking boot perfect for their multi-day hikes. In addition to a large inventory of Columbia and Salomon footwear, we sell hiking shoes and boots from Garmont. Whether you need something lightweight or heavy, you will find it at a great price.

Light Backpacking Tents and Light Hydration Packs

When you go backpacking overnight, the last thing you want to carry is a heavy tent. Big Agnes makes the perfect tents for backpacking trips because they are lightweight, easy to set up, and these light backpacking tents can be used during three seasons. The UL2 tent weighs just 3.6 pounds and sleeps two people, while the 4.3-pound UL3 tent sleeps three. To stay hydrated during a backpacking adventure, trekkers should have a hydration pack. Light hydration packs are designed for long hikes and their high-quality construction eliminates leakage.

Our shoes, boots, clothing, packs, and equipment enable you to hike the trails and take a backpacking trip in style and comfort. Included in our hiking boot and shoe selection are the popular Salomon Bamboo and the Columbia Shastalavista. Our light hydration packs quench your thirst without weighing down your pack and Big Agnes light backpacking tents let you rest comfortably after a long day of hiking.

When you spend a lot of time outdoors, you cannot afford to be slowed down by your clothing. You need clothes that move with you, whether you are hiking an open trail or climbing a steep mountain. As experts in outdoor clothing and gear, we know which brands are the best and we offer them to you at discounted prices.

Shop with us and enjoy the convenience of getting clothing like Mountain Hardware stretch pants and lightweight base layer long sleeves in the same place as your headwear, gloves, and hiking boots. When your trip takes you far from home, our packs, hydration systems, tents, and sleeping bags provide the necessities. After shopping on our site, even people who do not love the outdoors become fans.

Pants Designed for the Outdoors

When the weather or terrain does not permit wearing shorts, pants are the legwear of choice. Columbia Grill women’s pants come in capri, knee, and full-leg styles. The Anytime features a fit that is slimming and flattering to the female figure. Do not be fooled- these pants are designed with movement in mind. The curved side seam and relaxed fit create a pant that is suitable for a woman who wants to look stylish while being active.

A rainy day version of Columbia Grill women’s pants are Mountain Hardwear stretch pants. Novice hikers often do not think about taking along rain pants. When they keep these Mountain Hardwear stretch pants in their packs, they will have no worries. The Cohesion pant features Conduit DT designed for comfort and durability. A gusseted crotch and articulated knees allow these pants to move with your active lifestyle.

The Importance of A Base Layer

When it is cold outside, dressing in layers keeps heat in and allows the individual to shed clothing as needed. Lightweight base layer long sleeves and pants keep you warm on days and nights when the frost has not yet burned away. Icebreaker is one brand of base layer clothing that turns wool into something soft and insulating. While you work up a sweat scaling the mountain, the wool absorbs your excess moisture without retaining odors. Men and women hikers and climbers include lightweight base layer long sleeves and long pants in their wardrobe must-haves.

Active Lifestyle Jackets

When outdoor activities are on the itinerary and the weather is nippy, a jacket becomes necessary. Marmot makes full and half-zip jackets that provide warmth and resist wind and rain. Female hikers should include at least one Marmot women’s jacket in their gear bag. The black trail wind hoody is perfect for a blustery day and the precip jacket keeps you dry while the rain pours down around you.

Spending time outdoors requires a special wardrobe designed for the environment. When temperatures are cold, clothing like Icebreaker lightweight base layer long sleeves and pants are suitable. Marmot women’s jacket styles include those that easily handle cold, rain, and wind. Women who wear Columbia Grill women’s pants can move with ease during a fall or spring hike, while Mountain Hardwear stretch pants are designed for rainy days.